1. Executive Search

High-calibre and committed leaders are an essential component for business success. We source, select, assess and recommend the future points.

Finding the right human resources in order to enhance the human operations is the core to building a creative workforce that can help an organization to create a significant standing in the competitive market. Being entrusted to recruit leaders for an organisation is a responsibility we take very seriously. Candidzone understands that our search and selection services play a crucial role in the development and success of the clients' business.

Candidzone strives to know all about the organization in order to gain deep insight into what kind of leader will be most effective for the organisation considering it in the long term perspective. Candidzone works hand in hand to select the ideal candidate with desired competencies, personality traits, and behavioural characteristics. Candidzone schedules and conducts tailor-made assessments with psychometric analysis to reach the solution.

On the hiring phase, we are thoroughly prepared to serve as problem solvers and facilitators. Our consultants work as trusted advisors to both client and candidate, expertly facilitating a successful hiring negotiation. Our fixed fee policy assures that we can play this vital yet sensitive role with no conflict of interest.

2. Sourcing and Selection

Candidzone helps you find the right people Right Skill Right Fit.

Candidzone offers a highly professional and specialized sourcing and selection. The sourcing and selection of executives and leaders is a major investment of any organisation.  Candidzone can assist clients at each stage of the process, from defining their requirements, preparing role and person specifications to selection and interview stages.  We have an extensive experience of chairing interview panels for senior management and professional grades, using competency based interview methods.

Our services include

Sourcing of candidates

Competency based interview

Assessment center

Reference checks

Behavioural Profiling

Salary negotiation with the candidate

3. Contract Staffing

Providing exceptional talents helps businesses during talent squeeze, frozen headcounts and staff retention situations.

Depending on the client requirements, Candidzone provides with qualified candidates on long term assignments. As a partner in contract staffing, we offer an opportunity to lessen the client’s human resources duties by employing a preferred candidate/s from selection list through Candidzone. So, as a valued client, you, can focus more on other key functions of your business and we handle payrolls, facilities including accommodation, transportation, allowances, leave administration and VISA management.

With the use of our Staffing to permanent placement scheme, Candidzone allows the clients a facility whereby the Company initially hires a qualified candidate on a contractual basis. This allows the client company to evaluate the candidates abilities before making the final decision to offer them a permanent placement. This helps prevent skills mismatch and increases the productivity of business.

Benefit of staffing solutions

Identify desired candidate from our Trail Execution Module

Reduce the Operational cost involved in permanent recruitment


Great deal of consuming time

Readymade solutions for your instant needs

Maintaining the official record is no longer the client's responsibility

We roll your Payroll risks

4. Interim Placements

Productive and reliable people to fill in for vacations, unplanned absences, emergency situations or to staff-up for peak or seasonal loads.

Candidzone provides clients with the tools to fill critical skills gaps during times of change, crisis, specialised skills for short term period and in situation of absence of employee. Companies must ensure that they have access to the full complement of talent they need to sustain and grow their business.

Candidzone provides access to a large pool of skilled interim professionals through international and local network. Candidzone takes care of the statutory obligations as per the Qatar Labor Law for the employees deputed for a project.

Benefits of Interim Placements

Increases Flexibility of employee management

Access to Highly Skilled Staff

Quick & Cost-Effective Hiring Process

Securing on your instant needs

Increase Productivity

5. Payroll Solutions

Streamlined and error free payroll outsourcing solutions can unwind your business insights and forward your business towards unsurpassed human capital management.

Payroll management is critical for the overall, smooth functioning of the organization. Payroll outsourcing is crucial and hence is becoming one of the finest and most compatible substitutes in the hands of management to curtail the cost of the company. We assure easy, affordable and safe payroll services with ensured accuracy.Outsourcing Payroll Management Services lets companies focus more on core business activities and reduces the unnecessary costs, resources and risks. Candidzone maintains confidentiality of salaries giving flexibility and helps to make strategic decisions inside the organization.

Candidzone has a team of professionals to offer you the highest standard of payroll management and we establish and carry on all the payroll management activities like -

Processing of salary with software support

Detailed salary report on monthly basis

Employee salary calculations based on local law

Detailed information about leaves and statutory deductions

Employee pay scale and increment information

Attendance and over time records management

Payroll processing and payment of salaries direct to the employee account

Electronic payslips processing and submission

Managing individual reports for performance appraisals

Dedicated payroll experts for each company

6. Training and Development

Your employees are the greatest asset, so develop them to their full potential. Training ensures the randomness is reduced and learning or behavioural change takes place in structured format. Training is more of retention tool than a cost.

Candidzone conducts Training Needs Assessments (TNA) for organizations, to help in identifying the skill gaps in employees. Our trainers create a comprehensive Training Strategy for your organization to start a training implementation plan.

Candidzone assesses the effectiveness of training interventions, by conducting a Post- Training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such tools can help you to assess the effect that training is having on actual skills improvement in your organization. Such a strategy will enable you to focus on Employee Development in a structured and planned manner, with a focus on maximizing return on training investment.

7. Project Support Services

Candidzone has the expertise, experience, and capacity to provide your projects with a tailored and scalable solution to any project support requirement. We can provide Project Support Services to reach end to end solution.

Candidzone can work as Project Support partner as a fully or partially integrated part of your project team. We ensure compliance, improve efficiencies and provide for cost saving strategies. Utilizing previous project experiences, our global network, combined with local presence and with thorough knowledge of the local market, we can secure efficient delivery and provide a structure where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Candidzone provides a wide range of HR Consultancy services to enhance business or projects, including -

Employee Contracts and Handbooks - Candidzone undertakes a review of the Company’s existing documentation, or develops new handbooks and supporting documentation to ensure the company is complying with legislative requirements and working in line with best practice.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Surveys helps to understand and map the levels of engagement within business, creating focussed action plans where they will be most effective to enhance business.

Performance Management - We conduct performance appraisals using advanced tools and review the existing performance and development processes, or design a suite of complementary processes, to improve the organisational performance.

Restructure and Redundancies - we support you in organisational reviews and restructure exercises, advising and supporting on the intricacies of the consultation and redundancy process, to ensure that you meet the legal obligations and support your team.

Reward Frameworks - We help you develop reward strategies and frameworks to achieve sustained commercial success. We look at both financial and non-financial rewards, exploring links to the performance and development of the staff.

Employee Relations - effective on-site assistance with specific Discipline, Capability and Grievance investigations, also acting as your management advisor in hearings.

Equality Impact Assessments - our approach ensures your policies / processes are compliant with the relevant legislation or statutory policies as per the project.

HR Audit

Candidzone conducts a structured review of human resource practices to assess the general compliance level of the company’s human resource function. HR audit is conducted with respect to applicable Qatar Labour laws and commonly accepted industry best practices in the areas stated below -

Employee Records and Files

Recruitment and Staffing Procedures

Pay Practices and Pay Rates

Performance Management Practices

Job Documentation

Benefit Practices

Employee Policies

Information is gathered via an in-person meeting with the project contact and an on-site document review. Candidzone provides recommendations for addressing any compliance concerns and outlines its findings in a written summary report that highlights strengths, identifies areas of concern, and provides recommendations for improving the organization’s HR practices.